Prime Time

VNA, I am sorry to have abandoned you this past month. Providing you with the insight on the emerging artists here in California is a top priority of mine. The holiday was time well spent, but now we’re back in action!

Especially considering this prime art makin’ time! Everyone seems to pulling out their shiny toys and new tricks for the new year. 2011 baby, it’s going to be great!

Speaking of prime time, lets talk about a kid who is in his prime with only great heights to conquer. Henry Gunderson. Oh, to be 21 again.  A favorite of Fecal Face Blog, this kid has yet to graduate from university at San Francisco Art Institute, and still manages to have time to kill it on the regular. You can see his stuff on the streets of SF and in the galleries. Smart kid, with lots of castles ahead of him.

Seen on the corner of Divisadero & Hayes, SF

Can’t wait to see what Henry Gunderson has in store!