‘A’ An exhibition of new works by Steve More & Remi/Rough

Friend of VNA Remi/Rough has got a show coming up with Steve More… Two very different styles. Looks interesting…

‘A’ An exhibition of new works by Steve More & Remi/Rough 

‘A’ is an exhibition of future perspectives… The future perspectives of two very different artists who have shared ideas, time and concrete. The title ‘A’ is as much about a new beginning as it is a reference to the Avant garde or Abstraction of their Alternative works. The Alphabet was the starting point for both these artist’s careers and the fact they have now developed those classic icons and forms into heavily abstracted formations and broken landscapes, reiterates a new beginning.

Remi/Rough and Steve More share a tradition of steering against the mainstream to produce work that is both culturally relevant and unique in its vision. For ‘A’ the artists explore the correlations between their work after seven years of development apart. Steve has recently returned to the UK after being based in New Zealand and Remi’s last major show was in London two years ago. Since then he has travelled extensively cementing his reputation both abroad and at home in London. 

The title for the show ‘A’ holds a significant meaning for both artists: It symbolises new beginnings and heralds a coming of age. It also gives a nod to their past muse: Letter form (A being the first letter of the alphabet). It also bears light on the ‘Abstract’ world in which they convey their ‘Art’, and their ‘Avant garde’ attitude with which they produce it.

As well as producing individual work Remi/Rough and Steve More are members of the influential art collective – Agents of Change.

‘A’ opens on Tuesday 1 February and runs until Sunday 6 February
At Blackall Studios, 73A Leonard Street, London EC2A 4QS
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