With Love, From California

Dear VNA readers, lovers, and freaks,

I am thrilled to inform you that VNA is expanding their blogging borders, and will now include the likes of a West Coast representative. I hope to provide you with premiere picks of West Coast counter culture creatives, and highlight the impact that street art has made in mainstream culture, as well as our daily lives.

A little bit about myself: I write to you from the beautiful, energetic city of San Francisco! Here, I work at a urban/contemporary art gallery, and devote most of my time to this cause by exploring these urges and obsessions. My roots are fertilized in Encinitas, San Diego, California. My love for street art bridges any Northern/ Southern California rivalry, keeping me in constant search for the next visual thrill, while always remaining true to the original kings of the can.

For my first post, I present the drafting of Augustine Kofie, known as Kofie1. Kofie has mad technique and skill. He is so fast, moving from ruler to windshield wiper, you can hardly tell the masterpiece that is about to unveil. Self-taught, hard working, constant creativity, and West Coast graffiti icon, Kofie is one to keep a look out for.

Recent mural done by Kofie1 and El Mac in Arizona:

Courtesy of keepdrafting.com

Canvas work done with acrylic and spray paint on primed canvas, with varnish. Framed in mahogany lattice:

Courtesy of www.whitewallssf.com

Brought to me by Augustine Kofie’s blog.

More Cali love coming soon!