Trespass: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art…

There are so many reasons why I didnt like the look of this book at first. For one… It contains the words “Urban Art” which is just kinda douche. And two… The cover… I didnt know who did it or what it means but it just sent me out the wrong message as soon as I saw it.

Having just watched this youtube clip though, I’m slowly changing my mind and I really wanna check it out…

Its so difficult these days to produce a street art book with a difference. I remember checking out new releases at Magma Bookshops or the Tate Modern bookshop, super excited to see a new book by Tristan Manco or a new book on Stickers that I had sent submissions too… These days half of Magma is street art books (And magazines I guess… Whoops!) We get sent all sorts of books here at VNA… Some amazing and some pretty crappy. Trespass looks like it could be a winner.

For one Wooster Collective are involved and they certainly know there shit. And two there are artists in the book I have never heard of and/or would never think of them related to street art or “Urban Art” (Bleurgh…) So I think it could be a winner. Only time will tell.

Taschen take note… Please send us a copy for review.

If you are in NYC today… head over to the Taschen store on 107 Greene Street for the launch night and get your book signed by all sorts including Faile, KR, WK Interact and The legendary Martha Cooper. More info on the event at