VNA master copy writer, wordsmith & grammar aficionado, Zang will be moderating a discussion on street art publishing at this years OFFSET creative festival in Dublin.

The on stage discussion will be about translating the raw passion and energy of the streets into the printed medium. On stage with Zang will be Marc and Sara Schiller of the Wooster Collective who launch their long awaited tome on uncommissioned art ‘Trespass’ (post below/earlier today) on the 1st of October, Lauren and Rua from A Visual Feast, who are in the process of finishing their book on Irish street art and author King Adz, who has just released his third book on street culture ‘Street Knowledge’ this month.
This should be an interesting discussion and well worth checking out if you are at the festival.

This panel takes place from 3PM-4PM on Saturday 2nd October in our Second Room.

OFFSET tickets are available here so grab them now if you haven’t already!

Check out the book store at the event where we will be selling VNA 12 and a selection of back issues.