Street art Vs local History…

When I first saw this new piece by Specter in Dalston, I thought wow… Great hand made piece of street art, great background and a great Photo by our man Romanywg

…but as with everything in life, its not that simple. It seems as though the background is an old hand painted Boyd Pianos ad from back in the day and is much loved by the local community. Check it out on Flickr to hear the full story.

Its a tough call because these old hand painted signs are becoming a rare thing these days, but im on Street art’s side here… In this case it is a wheate paste and it should weather and come down easily over time or when it rains next im sure some local will peel that sucker off no problem. If it was a huge stencil then that would be different. Street art is just a sub-culutre of graffiti… The idea is still to “get up” and to find new and interesting places to get your work up. In this case I think it works very well and the artist and gallery owner who helped probably had the very best intentions with this piece and were more interested in adding to this wall then destroying it. That said I dont think this will last very long which is a shame, perhaps if it was pasted up a couple of doors down it might have lasted quite a while.

For more on Specter, have a look HERE. He also has a show here in London at the moment at Pure Evil Gallery which is well worth a look.