Stabby Women…

You gotta love Kid Acne’s Stabby Women… Some are hot and some are scary but they look so damn good on the street! Well now you can look at them in the comfort of your own home in the form of this lovely zine.

Screenprinted cover, 52 pages, limited edition of 250 and comes with free postcards… Errr… What are you waiting for?

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Heres the official description…

Stabby Women is a project of serendipity, which has crossed borders and continents. Originally set free to invade São Paulo, this band of female warriors has grown in power and strength to occupy the nooks and crannies of cities worldwide.
Armies of over five hundred Stabby Women now patrol our streets amongst the hustle and bustle of New York, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and London – a cast of heroines that peer from the bottom
of doorways, subtly patrolling their domain. This fanzine is a document of that, so this nomadic tribe is not forgotten, like so many of their foremothers.