Everfresh – Blackbook trailer

I really like Everfresh.

I’ve been a massive fan of the crew for as long as I can remember so when I heard that they were working on a book a while back I was super excited. I remember seeing the huge ‘everfresh – fitzroy’ piece in person when I was in Melbourne last year and being totally blown away… not to mention all the other pieces all over the city.

Jump forward to earlier this week when a package arrived in the post – BANG – an advanced copy of The Blackbook was here and its so much better than I was ever expecting it to be (not to think it wouldn’t be amazing, but…). Super nice layout, beautiful images and for me it really captures what this diverse collective is all about. I don’t think its available just yet but when it drops its well worth getting your hands on if you like the stuff that is coming out of Australia!

They are launching in Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo during September. Check the everfresh site here for details.

Check out the teaser the crew has just released… excited yet?

EVERFRESH: BLACKBOOK Teaser from Callum Preston on Vimeo.

More at www.everfreshstudio.com