GUEST BLOG: Jeroen Smeets.


The last four months I’ve spend my time at my own gallery. Something that wouldn’t have crossed my mind if you talked to me at the beginning of 2010. In February of this year things got set into motion when I found a perfect spot in Amsterdam, in which I wanted to host a gallery. A place where young contemporary artists from Europe could have a space to exhibit their new work. However I had no budget at all. While talking to Red Bull and mentioning my plan, they stepped forward and helped the gallery come to life.

One month later I got the keys to our, then still baby blue, gallery space. It took us about a week to get everything done. Together with Joe Holbrook, we’ve spend our late nights painting the gallery white, and making it ready to show to the public. At the end of March we’ve opened our first exhibition, and after that we’ve opened a new exhibition every two weeks. A very high pace, which we soon realized. But our intention was to use the gallery space to the best of our ability and give as many artists the opportunity to have a show. The four months of running this gallery have been great in every way. Good nights with friends, new friends, and all-round a big learning experience.

Right now I’m installing the last exhibition. A group show of all of the artists that we showed in the gallery during the last four months. Tonight will also mark the release of our YOUR:OWN magazine that we’ve made during the last week. An attempt to capture the creative energy that we all shared here, but also a way to catalog the exhibitions, and as a portfolio to present ourselves and our goals. One of those goals is to host big group shows with our artists, all over Europe. But we’ll see where the next few months will take us.