VNA visits Amsterdam…

So last weekend the VNA team visited the amazing city of Amsterdam…

Needless to say, we all loved it. There was plenty of graffiti and street art all over the joint, the people were dope, food was good, beer was expensive but good. Even though we missed the Project ASA by a week and the weather was kinda ropey, it was a great trip that I certainly wont forget in a hurry.

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Starting the weekend with beers at breakfast is always going to turn bad, but we toured the city well, shooting as much graffiti and street art as we could.

On Friday night we got a chance to visit Your:Own Gallery and sample some of the art work by Lennard Schuurmans and of course enjoyed the Heineken and vodka available too…. It would be rude not to right?

We got to meet up with the infamous Joe Hollbrook, Wayne Horse, Jeroen from the Gallery and the boys from Wolf and Pack.  After watching an utterly boring 90 minutes of football we then headed onto Cafe Belgique in the Heart of the city centre (Love that spot) Good times were had, i got kicked out of Burger King and I dont remember the rest.

The next day saw us on a city tour with Jeroen and Joe…. Leading to Joe’s new studio. The next 2 hours involved me nearly loosing my finger in a freak accident and recieving 18 stitches in hospital. Enough said about that the better. Pete stayed on to get some shots of a hall of fame there with the like the ATG crew (Who were there a few weeks before) and all the local writers.

That evening we hooked up with Caz from The London Police with the others and we plowed into the beers again (Not me due to antibiotics and pain killers… Damn)

Sunday involved chasing up some interviews, taking yet more photographs of street art and getting to the airport for our flight home.

…TLP all over the Dam.

Amsterdam x VNA… Done…

A massive thanks has to go out to Jeroen for showing us around and help with the “incident” and Joe for hanging with us and showing us about too.

***Word of warning… Dont stay at a Hotel called Jansen… Rat infested shit heap.