OFFF creative festival – Paris 2010

Late last week I was lucky enough to be in Paris for the OFFF creative festival… with its amazing line up of speakers, workshops, and just all round good creative vibes it was something not to be missed.

There were heavily bombed vans everywhere…

Timba from WoodenToyQuarterly and I hooked up with Tara Mcpherson and Sean from zero friends clothing (a collab project with alex pardee – sic t-shirts!) and hit the town for opening night celebrations… and then checked out the following two days presentations.

This was the waiter in the hotel bar who hooked us up after they had closed up shop! He got himself a signed receipt!

Amongst some super cool design, advertising and creative talks, my stand out would have to be Mark and Sara aka Wooster collective and our Tara. They did a really nice journey through public art and site specific street art. They even managed to drop a few people who I had not heard of before. I managed to meet them backstage after their talk for a quick chat.

Wooster collective onstage.

Tara Mcpherson.

Sara and Mark from Wooster collective pointed us in the direction of the DAIN show at Lebenson Gallery. We managed to get down to the opening night to check it all out. Some nice work and a super cool gallery with rad downstairs cave action.

Back out on the streets we found this rad drip tag…

And this wikid invader piece…

So much to see and so little time…

A huge thanks to Thomas and Pablo at OFFF for having us along.
Thanks to Tara and Sean for rock’n out with us even though you were dead tired…and Mark and Sara for pointing us towards the DAIN show.

For more info on OFFF festival go here