Everfresh: Blackbook.

Another book I personally am really looking forward to checking out… and yes its from Australia! In fact its from probably the most prolific graffiti/street art collective in Melbourne, Everfresh.

Everfresh is Sync, Phibs, Reka, Rone, Wonderlust, Prizm, Meggs (VNA 9 cover), Makatron and The Tooth and work out of a huge shared studio located in Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Collingwood. The new Everfresh:Blackbook is a collection of work from the crew and will be in stores in Australia in September and the rest of the world shortly after that…

If you are a fan of the crew make sure you check their website as they will be selling a limited edition copy which is hand finished and comes with an artist print and photographic print.

Check out their site here
Also for pics that didn’t make the book have a look here