VNA is Stacked!…

Have you heard of Stack? Well you should have! Stack magazines is a pretty dope way of finding new and interested printed media.

Basically you sign up with Stack for 6 months or 12 months and every month you get a new and different magazine delivered to your door.

They are now stocking VNA magazine and to kick things off we did a little inteview with them…

What makes it different to the rest?
VNA is not specific… It’s a street art magazine with a twist. It’s not a graffiti magazine but it features graffiti artists we admire and up and coming artists/designers/photgraphers that we as a team have kept our eyes on and want to share in printed media not just on the internizle.

Who makes VNA?

We have a crack team made up of designer/web/digital guy Ben, art director/deputy editor/ all round busy man Greg, designer/photographer/videographer Pete, writer/copywriter/socialiser Zang and myself editor/photographer/drunk. We also have all sorts of other writers, photographers and designers who help make it all work.

Who reads it?
Errrr… People interested in street art, graffiti, design, photography, contemporary art, illustration…

Why do you work in magazines?
I fell into it. In fact we all did… It started as a bit of fun. Now it’s a bit more serious but the amount of free booze we get out of it makes it all worthwhile

Read the entire inteview over HERE. And check out Stack Magazines… HERE