GUEST BLOG: Rolls Royce in Bristol

Word the truck up motherlovers, this is how shit’s going down in Bristol right now. Massive London reps from Burning Candy, rockin’ rooftops from coast to coast! Some old wreckhead sat and yelled at me while I took snaps of Telepathic Heights, I think he wanted me dead, but he was too high to come down and kill me himself.. I hope he fell off and broke his crack ass.

Lakota’s lookin’ sweet and it’s good to see the old TCF burners are still up elsewhere. Tasty pieces old and new from Lokey, Cheo, Mr Jago, 3Dom, Sepr, 45RPM and more, this ain’t even the half of it! I didn’t make it over to St Paul’s roundabout or Bedmo skate park, but the landscape’s always changing in Brizzle.

Check the anti-Tesco stuff all over Stokes Croft like Volcanic Gash on Europe. Apparently the hippie squatters that were occupying the planned Tesco’s building organised a mass text out the other week and had a flash mob of literally hundreds of people down to protest against the store.

The ensuing riot was bigger than an American Apparel sale on Brick Lane..

Big ups to Jago, 45 RPM and Sainty. All Crew Easy,

Rolls Royce.