Artist Profile: Smates

We posted some great work by this dude a couple of weeks ago, and thought we’d follow that up with one of our tried & tested Artist Profiles.

Who Are You:
Bart Smeets, a 32 old writer.

Mechelen, Belgium.

Describe Your Style:
My style changes a lot, because I’m still experiencing with techniques, styles… I really like realistic pieces, but based on a cool concept. Not just a picture on a wall. The use of color is also something that plays an important role in my paintings. The right colors can do a lot when it comes to the power of a piece.

Day or Night:
Definitely day.. I’m a legal writer and I need a lot of time. Of course that also depends on the design. Some pieces took me about 8 hours, other about 5 hours (the fly for example).

Favourite Spot:
Not sure, I still have to discover a lot of spots. Since I live close to Brussels I paint a lot in Anderlecht (Neerpede). Empty factories are also very tempting. I haven’t done a lot so far, but that will definitely change in the future.

I really like people, faces, skulls, .. Anatomy in general. That’s my main inspiration. When I was 17 and started writing I really looked up to Mode2, Sozyone, Someone,… Then I stopped writing for amore than 10 years and started back again in May 2009 (thanks to Mr81 – Peter Serruys – a bloke that I met at a party and who became a good friend). And a lot has changed since then. The quality of the paint, variety in the pieces,.. I really like the work of Ma’claim, Loomit, Daim, Os gemeos, Belin, Hopper, Bacon,… But most of all I was really blown away by the work of Fuckone (Steve Locatelli) and Polakone, 2 Belgian writers. Realistic painting combined with a strong concept and perfect execution. It’s very clear when you see my work that I really like what they do. But again, I’m slowly working on my own style.

Where Can We Find Out More:
If you want to see more of me:, my facebook page..

People To Look Out For:
Fuckone, Polakone, Aerosolkids, Hertkore, IKS, Cazn, … Mainly Belgian crews and writers. It’s a small country but there are a lot of top quality writers and crews. If you don’t know the names I just gave you, go check them out! You won’t regret it…