Artist Profile: Jerm IX

Who Are You:

That’s a loaded question. Philosophical views aside, i’m Jeremiah, but everyone calls me jerm IX. jerm IX is a poet, street artist, emcee, husband, son, brother, friend, tenant, employee, devil’s advocate, human being, and sometimes asshole. And a bunch of other stuff mixed with organic materials and 90 percent water, stir and bring to a human. Wait IX months to serve. Oh, and he’s weird.


Originally from all over Ontario, Canada, but Vancouver has been home for the past 6 years. More home than ‘home’ ever was. Vancouver is a wonderful place to live, as well as to decorate. Breath-taking landscapes, temperate weather and a very tolerant population with a plethora of demographics, are just a few of the many reasons that Vancouver is the perfect place to find yourself with some art and a bucket of paste in your hands.

Describe Your Style:

My style was born from the idea that style and any creative aesthetetic needed to be removed from the equation. That is, so that the words themselves take centre stage, hence the use of store bought custom stencil-letters. That is a tough question. I guess my style is street poetry and annotations. It’s the human struggle for connection and understanding. It’s a brand of thoughts and ideas amongst the ads and architecture of the city. It’s a reclamation of public space. It’s communicating in a virtually virtual world. It’s me wandering lost, battling depression and utilizing the walls of my community as a resource. It’s who I am, that should have been my answer to your first question. I am my street art.

Day or Night:

Always. I have a pocket full of stickers on me at all times and usually carry my whole kit. Certain missions dictate the timing, based on locations or other mitigating circumstances. But i’m a wanderer, i’m always out here. I’m a dicoverer, a reincarnated christopher columbus of sorts, re-exploring and discovering myself.

Favorite Spot:

Everywhere. the latest kick I’m revisiting is my love for abandoned buildings, factories and such. More and more lately, I’ve been putting my work in harder to reach, off the beaten path, remote areas. Hitting the transit adspace with V-TARP installations is also pretty gratifying, or subverting any ad for that matter.


I never like this question. there’s so many ways to go with it, but the truth is i just need to do it, it’s innate. I find inspiration in everything.

Where Can We Find Out More:

People To Look Out For:

So many, one of my favorites is my boy A1one (Tanha) from Tehran, Iran. his work is so very rich in style and culture.

In Vancouver my friend Indigo is just killing it, time after time, keep both eyes on her.

Best advice i can give on that is to check out my friend Sebastian’s site everyday to be introduced to new innovative and interesting street art. His site lives up to it’s name, daily.