Lyrics and type roundup + remaining prints now online!!!

We are only just recovering from last Thursdays opening night and the super busy weekend at East gallery.

A big thanks to everyone that made it down to the launch and picked themselves up an amazing print. A big thanks to Timba for steering the project home, running shit and bringing in some amazing artists from his vast network (and pretty much making it all happen!). Also a huge thanks goes out Alex for her numbering and rolling skills, the guys at Becks and Kopparberg for the drinks, team VNA for their support (all of you!), Photofit for dropping some wikid print work, the british council for their support, the crew at the gallery and my lovely lady, Bek for putting up with my moody stressed personality over the last few weeks!

So, after a long hard night of uploading and coding the prints are now online for all of you out of Londoners to purchase.
Head over to to check out the artists who we had up on the walls… and you can either click on the ‘shop’ button or head over to to purchase the prints…

The prints are selling fast so get in quick!