I have known about and been involved with Secretwars for over two years now and am super stocked to see things growing from single artist battle tournaments around Europe and the UK into the new euro league style competition. Its going to be interesting to see who wins and how big the hype gets in 2010! Londons first battle is against Amsterdam on the 19th at the Bookclub. Get down and show your support for team London!

More on the Euroleague here

Also in other news… the first ever Australian Secretwars series will begin in Sydney on the 11th of Feb at NAME THIS BAR on Oxford street. Be there to support the artists and watch a little bit of SW history in the making.

Make sure you say hi to my man running the show, Shannon from Aisle six industries & Monorex Australia. You never know, he may buy you a beer?

More about Secretwars Australia here