Hit and miss?… Arkitip.

Arkitip is a MASSIVE inspiration to me. It has done for many years. The whole collectable magazine shit… The extras that come with it? Damn I love it. They have a keen eye for print, good simple layouts and they seem to pick the right artist at the right time and usually blow us away with something we all want… BAD!

But is it just me, or does it occasionally fall short? I mean looking at some classics… issue 0020 KAWS with the free fridge magnet?…BANG!

Issue 0029 Andre (Forget the fact that it came with a bum bag, it was dope)… BANG!

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And  more recently with the Evan Hecox issue (0045) with the signed screenprint! BAAAAAAANG…

And even the Shephard Fairey issue (0051) was pretty dope and had a signed Shep print. But then just sometimes it drops down a scale and goes all design on us and I start to fall asleep. I got bored just reading about the new issue on their website…

The poet Ryunosuke Satoro said, “Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.”

This philosophy is the inspiration for this issue… an exploration, celebration, commentary on the joys of collaboration through our own personal lens. People collaborate on many levels. It occurs in nature, technology, science, art, music and politics. For this issue of Arkitip, we asked artists, technologists, writers and friends to show us a recent collaboration or to create something new. Creative work for this issue originated from New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, San Francisco, Shanghai, Seattle, Paris, Miami, Cape Town and Portland.

Its all about the artist collab to me. Producing something collectable and different that really suits that artist. A decent feature or two and a fine bit of cover art to get people interested. Thats when they get my wallet twitching! I really hope we are doing something similar with VNA. I think you might notice it even more with issue 11 (BANG!) Keep them eyes peeled… Its on its way.

The new issue of Arkitip is out now and you can buy it ….yawn. (Please please please do a Barry Mcgee Arkitip! Come on guys make it exciting again!)