The Banksy V Robbo dispute goes on…

So when Banksy laid down some nice street pieces in London’s Camden in December, there was a bit of an uproar as expected over the work being painted over a 25 year old piece by ROBBO.  The graffiti comunity was not impressed as you might well notice from Robbo’s Flickr comments (well over 300 and counting…) and although this whole thing is about Banksy going over an old Robbo piece, it has turned into a general bitchfest about “Street art”. Whatever… Its no secret that graffiti writers hate street art.

Robbo’s latest response to the whole thing is an adaption of Banksy’s Fisherman just down the canal…

Im not blown away by “Team Robbo’s” come back on this. Just the street cred sign would have been enough. Still its better then someone just tagging over it I guess.

Read more over on the ever brilliant

Plus Robbo talks a bit about this subject in a new interview with him over on interesting how he says graffiti is “RAW street art done by very talanted street artists.” I love this too… “TEAM ROBBO stands for all of us freehand graffiti writers and not your stencil street art middle class art students.” Good to know what the whole Team Robbo thing means.

What do you think about Team Robbo? Was this a clever move from Banksy? After all, any publicity is good publicity.