What a night…

Big thanks to everyone that made it down to StolenSpace tonight for the VNA launch and SS Xmas show.
Was a little shocked to rock up and see a line forming outside… and even more shocked when we realised that they were queuing for our mag!!!

I have to say that it is a shame that some peoples only motivation is financial gain (a copy was on ebay within hours of the limited edition being sold)… and ours (team VNA & D*Face) was to give people access to an artist that would otherwise be financially out of reach!

Fear not, there will be a super super limited number of d*face screen printed copies released online tomorrow (Friday the 4th of December). Please note, orders of more than one per person will not be processed! Details and time of release to follow soon.

Normal issues of VNA issue 10 will also be available from Friday onwards.

Thanks again from all the VNA family… and watch out for VNA 11 coming to you in early 2011!!