The end of an era… Rugged is no more.

Yes its true… After seven years, the free magazine (Part of the Carhartt brand) has printed its final issue…



Rugged was a magazine both myself and Greg looked up to a lot, both in terms of layout/design and the general content. Its a real shame that the magaine is no more. Whats even worse is what the makers say on the Carhartt UK blog about the state of the magazine industry…

“It’s true, print is threatened with extinction and magazines for FREE even more so.”

Duh duh duh… Shit! We are screwed… Quick BUY VNA! BUY VNA! BUY VNA! 

Big up Rugged, you will be missed. There is no better feeling then picking up a free magazine (Actually picking up free beer is even better! but you get what I mean)