Grifters… Lazarides putting on a serious show…

Its hard when you have so much shit of your own going on to remember to keep everyone updated on whats going on epecially here in London. VNA 10 has taken over my time of late, so I appologise for not blogging all the exciting stuff that has been going on over here.

Grifters is an exhibition and street show put on by Lazarides gallery. I think the show opens tonight (But come to our show first of course!!!) and features work by most of the usual Laz line up including Invader, Conor Harrington, Paul Insect, Vhils etc etc… Here is just a small selection of street work that has been going on recently in London town…


Conor Harrington kills it.


Charlie Isoe…. Styles for miles.


Paul Insect…. Stencil work at its best.

Frickin’ LOVE that Isoe piece! Dude has to be in VNA soon.

Photos by Ian Cox for Laz.

There is so much more going on and although a lot of it looks like “permission” spots, its good to see some fresh stuff from some dope artists. Big invader piece in Old Street too as this image from our good friend Nolionsinengland¬†explains.