Banksy hits Regents Canal, London…

Great to see some freshness from Banksy. (Very sorry if this is old news… Its christmas and I have been hella busy)

So it looks as though Banksy has got a boat and got busy in Camden Town. This particular part of town im pretty familiar with because I used to live on the canal right near these pieces and this was the spot of the first “VNA office”. Im loving all this new stuff though, a real collection of his styles…


Banksy 2


Banksy 4

Rats, classic red paint slogans, Banksy tags… Its all good. Plus he is one step ahead of the game here putting these out of reach of most “haters” to tag over. Hopefully they will be around for a while.

Although having said that I think the fact he painted over a very old classic piece by Robbo from 1984 may come back to bite him in the ass. (More on this story HERE) I think every wall is fair game and if anything this has given the piece by Robbo a new lease of life and many more people will see it. I have walked past this piece a thousand times and although I appreciated it was an old piece, I never expected it to be there forever. It was covered in tags anyway.

Good work Banksy and great shots by RomanyWG.