Shepard Fairey's been busy in NYC…

This… is quite frankly… dope!


Great photo from Sabeth718 and what a great street piece from Shep! Its so good to see some of his old school pieces on the streets. Im still trying to track down some of his older prints. They are visually so good and always have an impact which some of his newer stuff doesnt quite have, but alas the old prints are rare as hens teeth and expensive as hell.

 I know alot of people bang on about how he rips off other peoples work, but come on using reference material however blatent it is, IS the basis of most art and design isnt it? Alot of people will probably say he sells out but im pretty sure he just plain loved the idea of working with Levis as a brand. Thats a pretty good oportunity I think so good on him. The main thing with Shepard is that he still puts work on the street. Thats where he started and he still loves to do it. Im pretty sure he will be pasting when he is 80 years old.

More from Shep in NYC over on Sabeth718’s Flickr