A great idea… The Art Street Journal

Wish I had come up with this…


Produced by The Charmichael Gallery, The Art Street Journal is a FREE monthly newspaper distributed worldwide for FREE. Basically just sign up on the website and every month a packet from the good old USA will arrive full of contemporary/street art goodness.

Here is whats in the Novemeber issue…

– Interviews with Dan Witz, Hush and WK Interact
– Features on Conor Harrington, JR, Chloe Early, Armsrock, M-City, Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie) and Candice Tripp
– Previews and reviews of ARTotale, Untitled II: The Beautiful Renaissance, The Ghost Village Project, The Thousands, Represent, the Edinburgh Art Fair and SCOPE Miami
– Images from some of the best of today’s street artists as curated by Unurth’s Sebastian Buck

The December issue looks set to feature all the Miami art fair stuff I think. Very nice to recieve something for nothing though.