Pirates & CIA Time Lapse Graffiti Mural

Really well thought through. Great job guys!

More info on the project:
‘We Like Colour’ (We Are Pirates) a film created by the PIRATES for CIA (Central illustration Agency)
Alfa, Jamie Brown, Jiggery Pokery, Jimi Crayon, Mr P and Stika of the PIRATES, coming together to
create this colourful masterpiece.
The Soundtrack is a modern day classic called ‘Stare into the Sun’ from brand new band GRAFFITI 6.
With an Album in the pipeline their sure to be very big, very soon.

Concept by Jimi Crayon, Ben Cox and Alicja McCarthy.
Creative Direction by Jimi Crayon
Filmed and produced by Stereofarms Dave Graham at SPRING 69
Filmed at The Village Underground