Miss Van… Fricking amazing…


I guess this image is kinda misleading as Miss Van’s style has evolved alot since this was done in Berlin…


This is a bit more recent… Anyway, her art is pretty damn impressive. Weather its on the street or on canvas, it always grabs your eye.

Miss Van has a show on at Stolen Space this thursday (1st of October 2009) and I cant wait to check it out. “Love stain” is a retrospective as well as a new body of work and will take over two exhibition spaces at Stolen Space, this will be her largest solo show to date.

Im liking the sound of a retrospective as well as a new body of work. Miss Van’s early work will always represent the begining of this thing we call street art and to this day she continues to grow, so im super excitied to check it out on thursday.

More info on the show over on the Stolen Space website.

Plus a really great interview with the lady herself over on Justapoz’s website (Damn you Juxtapoz for being so damn on point!) HERE and part 2 HERE.