Adam Neate… "The London show"

It seems like just yesterday… a cold, miserable night… Drunks and piles of rubbish filled the streets. With the fear of being done over by some drunk chav, I walked around aimlessly for hours looking for a piece of screen printed cardboard in shrink-wrap…

It was of course the London show by Adam Neate. 1000 pieces of art placed on the street in one night all across London. Now… 8 months later Elms Lesters have released a book of the nights events. The three or four days running up to the “exhibition” were pretty crazy with forums buzzing and rumours flying. Its all captured in this hardbound book. Weather you were unlucky like me or one of the lucky ones this is still a very nice book and will forever remind you of the night you looked in pissed stained alleys and in piles of stinking rubbish for 6 hours… Good times.

adam neateadam2

The book is available now from the Elms Lesters website.

An interview with Adam Neate conducted the night before The London Show can be found in issue 8 of VNA… Nice.