Petro… A show of paintings and drawings.

So bummed to miss this show. It was on over the weekend but I had to work and missed the private view.

Petro is old school and hardcore… The show looks great and pretty much sums up his style of writing to a tee and has some little extras too. Affordable originals and screen prints too? Damn.




Photos from Elates blog HERE

I first saw Petro’s work in the abandoned buildings of  Tonbridge and on tracksides around kent when I first started writing. Alongside other such heavy hitters as Oker, AKT etc… I just admired those guys… They seemed everywhere! I guess we were imitating those styles we saw but we would bomb every inch of the walls we could reach and take flicks. I shot thousands of photos back then, I should really dig them up. Loved those days and his pieces sort of sum up that time for me.


(pic stolen from here)

For information on Petro and how to get hold of some of his work… Try The Allotment.

And have a read of an interview with Petro whilst your are cruising the information super highway. From Pimpguides. (Rare as Hens teeth so enjoy.)