The summer is here… Its in the air!

It’s in the air…

Slowly but surely mercury is climbing up the thermometer, consequently streets are budding afresh with novel work forged during dull wintry months. There’s nothing like an evening stroll down the most popular spots to take in the latest guerrilla ornaments or accidentally bump into an aptly revamped beer garden. Not to mention painting outdoors with friends while basking in the idyllic sun, of course. In those balmy moments, it’s barely possible not to get excited what spring and summer of 2009 have in store. Behemoth festivals, well-established jams and one off escapades leave no excuses not to log out your flickr account and finally meet in flesh your long time contacts. Let wanderlust VNA break down for all of you intrepid travellers what is cracking in aerosol world here, on the home turf, as well as across Europe.

Following last year’s outstandingly phenomenal success, the organizers were left with no other option but to step up their game. Upfest 2009 boasts of 150 phenomenal home-grown and international artists descending on five venues with the sole aim of throwing an art extravaganza. Already hailed as the biggest urban art celebration with a stellar line-up to overshadow everything what Britannia has seen, UPFEST 09 is simply no to be missed.

6-7 June 2009, Bristol

Seventh year in running, Write4Gold is one of a kind world-wide graffiti contest. Crews of writers compete against each other to complete variously scored tasks such as concept painting, sketches, tags and throw-ups to secure the most coveted and prestigious championship. Having won their national chapters, regional title-holders converge in Germany for the grand finale at the biggest European hiphop festival – splash! Last year our own infamous RT of London spearheaded as far as world finals. But this year let’s settle for nothing less but Gold.

2 May W4G Poland (Stettin/Poland)
9 May W4G Italy (Rome/Italy)
16 May W4G Denmark (Nykobing/Denmark)
23 May W4G West Europe (Liverpool/England)
30 May W4G MidEurope (Vienna/Austria)
6 June W4G East Europe (Budapest/Hungary)
13 June W4G Russia (Moscow/Russia)
27 June W4G Germany (Halle/Germany)
11 July W4G Finals (Leipzig/splash!/Germany)

Meeting Of Styles
What started in 1997 as a graffiti jam in a derelict industrial area of Wiesbaden, Germany, as a direct response to a dwindling number of legal walls, over the years has grown to world wide event priding itself on “collaboration and exchange – not competition and judging.” Gathering the absolute cream of the crop in graffiti, MOS has become the ultimate ambition for every writer.

08-10 May 09, Thessaloniki (Greece)
29-31 May 09, Sofia (Bulgaria)
5-7 June, London (UK)
12-14 June 09, Wiesbaden (Germany)
17-19 July 09, Lleida (Spain)
24-26 July 09, Zurich (Switzerland)
17-18 Oct 09, Seixal (Portugal)

Just Writing My Name
Just Writing My Name is the latest addition to every aerosol aficionado’s already jam-packed diary. Only second year in running, JWMN is undoubtedly gaining momentum to celebrate the artistry of the spray can form around the globe. As Belton Molotow is traditionally behind W4G, Montana Cans Germany couldn’t simply afford idling and decided to enter the festival scene with sheer tour de force. However, the idea behind JWMN is simply what the name states. All in all, it’s a good old laid back jamming with a touch of credible support of an artist’s brand.

Dates and places to be announced.

Whether hitchhiking or jet setting in economic airlines, couch surfing or battling cockroaches in sub-standard hostels, the graff/street art events galore is nothing but enticing. As days are growing brighter and warmer, there are no excuses to stay local. Pack up and get up.

Write up by friend of VNA… The pilot (Find out more about the pilot at his Flickr HERE and his Myspace HERE ) Thanks Mark. Big up yo’self!

Images by Fark