Crack and Shine… Looking real nice.


A new book about the London graffiti scene is coming out this summer…. “Featuring forty of the most exciting and prolific graffiti artists to have lived and painted in London, Crack & Shine is the only London graffiti book ever to be published. Also presenting the work of London-based photographer Will Robson-Scott, Crack & Shine includes a series of over 50 beautifully-composed photographs, created exclusively for the book; giving articulate and vivid insight into the awkward moments of waiting, the apprehension of hiding and the calm and stillness that comes with seeing the world from an altered perspective.”

Im a massive fan of WIll Robson-Scott’s photographs of ATG and others, so im really looking forward to this book. All the content looks really good and im told the images on the website are the photographs that didnt even make the cut! Definately a book to look out for.

More in info at the Crack and Shine website.