VNA 8 available NOW!

Jump over to our online shop and pick yourself up a copy of the latest and greatest issue of VNA to date. 

Now 100 pages strong, this latest issue features Kid Acne, Herakut, Adam Neate, JR & Faile in London, Nylon and all the street action from the past 3 months! Get a copy now!!!


Also a big thanks to everyone who made it down to Stella Dore last night for the official launch party. Both levels of the gallery were rammed and 15 lucky people walked away with a limited edition kid acne t-shirt and other goodies! 

Thanks to the crew at Stella Dore, Edding, Monorex (Secretwars), Chris for the t-shirt printing, all the artists in issue 8, Pete, Ben, Greg and George for making it all possible! 

If you think issue 8 is good, wait till you see what we have in store for issue 9 and 10!