Lister and WK go bombing…

Caught up with some of the recent street activity over the weekend at last. The streets are definately being dominated by the work of a few artists. Most noticably WK interact and Anthony Lister as well as a bunch of new work by ACE (Some really interesting new pieces). It was refreshing to see so much new work out there.

On my travels I also caught some snaps of vintage Barry Mcgee (Twist) tags and stickers hidden in Hackney as well as some Snub23 and Hush paste ups. All these and much much more will be revealed in issue 7 of VNA which is due out in a months time.

We are stepping it up with Issue 7. We now have on board Greg as resident layout designer, we have several features and interviews and a new print company looks set to create a beautiful piece of print and hopefully the stand out magazine it deserves to be.

Take it easy Kids.