Golden brown….

Nice group show put together by friend of VNA Greg (edtn magazine) kicks off on the 12th of June at Bodhi Gallery, 214 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA.

Artists showing work include…Alfredo, Beastman, Susan Burghart, Cultural Urge, Fidia, Haw, Christey Joh, Jumbo, Junior, Kronk, Miss Led, McBess, Mephisto Jones, Drew Millward, Mr Penfold, Pit, Skaffs, Reka, Teck 1, Yok

If you dont know of edtn… You do now…

A cool little two colour zine of art by designers, fine artists, street artists and all that is in between. Just two selected colours per issue. Looks sweet. Check it out.

Issue 3 will be launched on the night too.