Technology blows!

Its not all that bad, it just doesnt seem to like me alot of the time. My email forwarding is not being too clever at the moment… So if you are emailing me or have tried and heard nothing back from me… Sorry about that. You can always get me directly at

Talking of emailing me, I cut out the sticker pages in issue 2 but im getting alot of good work sent to me, so im hoping to bring it back for issue 3 which is going to be bigger, better and in a larger edition! SO… If you wanna be in my zine, email me and I will give you the appropriate address to send stuff to!

There are still 50 copies of issue 2 left and these will include a “special sticker pack” (Dont get too excited, its just a bag of stickers.) They will be available at Stolen Space in the New year. Have a great Christmas y’all!