Hanksy Presents: “Surplus Candy” Los Angeles, CA.


This past Saturday, NYC-based artist and pun extraordinaire Hanksy led an art take over on an abandoned mansion in South Central LA. Titled Surplus Candy, the one day only show featured work from over 100 artists from around the world.

In the week leading up to the event the artists ran amok throughout the home and had their way with the walls. The exterior of the home was a traditional, albeit kind of creepy, 100+ year old mansion, while the inside was a paint wonderland. Narrow staircases and long corridors led to room after room of a wide variety of art styles. Hanksy commented that “The mansion is empty. It’s over a century old and while it’s a bit banged up, it’s still a magnificent beast. And after it’s all painted up, it’ll be a perfect metaphor for Hollywood. Pretty and pristine on the outside, but all fucked up on the inside.”

While mentions of Surplus Candy could be found in the social media realm before the opening through their hashtag #surpluscandy, the exact location wasn’t revealed until mere hours before the event. The top secret nature only helped piqued people’s interest. Practically everyone inside was on their phones taking pictures while everyone outside were anxiously texting their friends to get them in. Lines to check out the inside wrapped around the home and they even had to turn away people at the end of the night. With no brands, no sponsors and no money involved just over 2000 people showed up proving that Hanksy really knows how to throw a party.

After the show, the entire home was buffed over as if the event never happened. The hyper-transitory event mimics the fleeting nature of unsanctioned art in the street. Enjoy our full recap from the first stages of the empty home to the madhouse it became.

_MG_4696 _MG_4688 _MG_4687 _MG_4686 _MG_4678 _MG_4675 _MG_4672 _MG_4659 _MG_4594_MG_4653 _MG_4650 _MG_4648 _MG_4640 _MG_4638 _MG_4633 _MG_4631 _MG_4625 _MG_4619 _MG_4592 _MG_4583 _MG_4577 _MG_4576 _MG_4575 _MG_4559 _MG_4552 _MG_4544 _MG_4535 _MG_4534 _MG_4531 _MG_4529 _MG_4522 _MG_4511 _MG_4507 _MG_4504 _MG_4497 _MG_4489 _MG_4482 _MG_4470 _MG_4464 _MG_4450 _MG_4439 _MG_4436 _MG_4434 _MG_4432 _MG_4424 _MG_4417-Pano _MG_4406 _MG_4399-Pano _MG_4394 _MG_4392 _MG_4390 _MG_4360 _MG_4317 _MG_4301 _MG_4231 _MG_4190 _MG_4138 _MG_4114 _MG_3988 _MG_3964-Pano _MG_3961 _MG_3957 _MG_3951 _MG_3891 _MG_3886 _MG_3874 _MG_3871 _MG_3867 _MG_3837 _MG_3830 _MG_3809 _MG_3789 _MG_3788 _MG_3724 _MG_3722 _MG_3618 _MG_3599 _MG_3588 _MG_3578 _MG_3523 _MG_3510 _MG_3454 _MG_3438 _MG_3362 _MG_3336 _MG_3314 _MG_3254 _MG_3227 _MG_3208 _MG_3129 _MG_3126 _MG_3125

Photos: Birdman

Text: Keisha Leng

Moniker Art Fair 2015 – Win Tickets

Moniker Art Fair returns for its sixth year, on October 15–18 at the Old Truman Brewery, having firmly established itself as London’s premiere event for contemporary art with its roots embedded in urban culture.

Mustache |

Building on the foundations of five years experience and it’s continued success, Moniker Art Fair will be again venue-sharing with London’s leading artist-led fair, The Other Art Fair, in what will be a showcase of independent and established talent all under one roof in East London’s iconic Old Truman Brewery.

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Remi Rough – Home

Remi Rough’s latest show opens at Scream London tonight… Get down to see the latest linear disruptions from one of the key figures in the Graffuturism movement.

Remi Rough HOME show invite

VNA will also have one of his hand-finished spray cans up for grabs in a competition coming soon… Stay tuned to our social media for further information.

Remi Rough - Remi cans Molotow 234




‘Your Not My Type’ – Ben Eine


StolenSpace is proud to present an inaugural solo show from one of the most renowned names in British Street Art, Ben Eine titled ‘Your Not My Type’*

Eine remains one of London’s most prolific and original street artists specializing in the central element of all graffiti – the form of letters.


Sticking with his iconic style of typography that shot him to fame, this new body of work promises to be stunning as ever.

The opening reception is Thursday, 8th October from 6-9 pm, the show opens to the public on 9th October and closes on 22nd November.

*’Four letters looked better than five’ – Ben Eine


Felipe Pantone – Video portrait by Selina Miles

Portrait of an Artist | Felipe Pantone from Selina Miles on Vimeo.

A series of facts of varying importance on the topic of Felipe Pantone.

Felipe Pantone is a contemporary slash kinetic slash graffiti artist living in Valencia, Spain. Selina Miles is a video director from Brisbane, Australia. Together, they celebrate their love of the internet and facts in this short film, directed and edited by Selina Miles.

Felipe Pantone’s body of work spans from graffiti to kinetic art. Strong contrasts, vivid colors, effects, and the use of mixed medium and varied technique combine to impact strongly on the viewer. What really intrigues is not the striking nature of his work, but the artist’s journey to discover this aesthetic. We live in a time where more images are produced than can possibly be seen, and the impetus for an artist to stand out from the others is stronger than ever. Information flows at an exponentially increasing rate, a leitmotif recurrent in Felipe Pantone’s compositions, his hyperactivity, working methods and his constant traveling around the world.

It was during this travel he met Selina Miles, an Australian filmmaker who specializes in documenting graffiti and street art. With a deep love for new techniques, camera tricks and fast-paced, energetic short films, Selina accepted Felipe’s challenge of cramming as much information as possible into a 5 minute film.

‘Stereodynamica’ by Felipe Pantone opens at Backwoods Gallery Friday October 16th from 6pm.



Steve Cross x VNA x Aisle6ix

Steve Cross is a world class artist based in Melbourne – he is a drawer, sketcher, painter, tattoo artist, muralist and illustrator amongst other things… VNA teamed up with him to create this awesome 6-colour screen-printed t-shirt, produced by Aisle6ix Industries in Sydney.

This process video was put together by the legends from Paste Studios, it’s how the printing for 6 colour spot process T-shirts we printed for VNA Magazine x Steve Cross Collaboration went down.
Shouts to the Aisle6ix crew for all the hard work and Alex from Paste Studio’s for putting this video together.

Stay posted for the drop of these tees coming soon…



Finok Is Showing “Sorrir e Chorar” @ Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan


Brazilian artist Finok, member of the infamous VLOK crew, is currently having a solo show with Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan. Titled “Sorrir e Chorar” (Smile and Cry) the show is based around the idea of duality, or two sides of the same coin, and is created using elements from Brazilian culture and tradition.

By incorporating modified graffiti characters into these traditional objects and concepts, the prolific artist creates unique mix of styles which resembles the colorful and vibrant culture of his homeland. Though playful at first, reuse of familiar children toys such as kites (pipas) and hot air balloons (baloes), represents the rough life and unforgiving environment in which kids are growing up in Brazil. These games include cutting down opponents’ kites or blazing gigantic balloons that take months to build, and for the artist they symbolize a way of preparing for the perils that come with adult life. The show includes six medium-scale works on canvas and wood, fifteen drawings, five sculptures, and three site-specific installations and feels like his most comprehensive show to date.

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Lucy Sparrow – Madame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium


While London’s Soho undergoes sterilisation with strip clubs and sex shops being swept away in favour of trendy wine bars and hipster coffee shops, so Britain’s laws on pornography are also being cleansed, with the prohibition of the depiction of practices like face-sitting, female ejaculation and even whipping. Now British artist Lucy Sparrow is hitting back at the growing influence of the neo- Puritans and prudery with her latest show: a Soho sex shop created entirely from felt.

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